MTN LIF™ -Retailer Info


If you are looking to stock MTN LIF™ Creations in your store, we have discount pricing to guarantee you significant gross profit.  We have 19 different MTN LIF™ Creations and have quick order packs if you only want to order 3, 6, or 9 of our most popular items.  And of course, the more you buy, the lower your cost per item!


You’ll get:

--Significant Gross Profits on each MTN LIF™ item sold at your store

--Your store name, logo, and location featured on our homepage as a location where mountain lovers can go to get MTN LIF Creations

--A MTN LIF™ binder with product samples, a complete list of SKUs with item pictures, cost vs profit charts and reordering info

--No payment due until the products are delivered to your store and no tax is charged to you as a retailer.**  You will be invoiced at time of delivery.**

--Electronic invoicing and payment accepted

--An electronic version of the reorder sheet

--Discounts for items purchased from our website for resale at your store such as hats, t-shirts, hoodies and tanks.

--A (MTN LIF™ 'Available Here’ window cling and/or yard sign*** to attract more customers in your store

**A copy of your state issued Resale Certificate is needed at time of order (or at time of delivery of your items at the latest) so you don't get charged tax for these items you resell at your store.

***with purchase of 6 or more SKUs and order minimum of $250.  Window clings and yard signs can still be purchased without these order minimums.  Please check with local codes to comply with yard sign posting regulations in your area.

To keep your costs low, we keep our inventory low and place the order with our vendor as soon as you place an order with us.  Expect delivery of your creations in right about 3 weeks.



To place your order;

To schedule an in person visit to see product samples;  

Or if you have any questions that need answered…


Email our Creative Director at


THANK YOU and welcome to the MTN LIF™ family!

~MTN LIF™ Creations